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Introducing the Worlds First Water-Based Penis Enlarger. The bathmate is set to take the world by storm, being the first ever penis enlarger based on hydrolics. bathmate is the worlds first water-based penis enlarging device. Unlike other devices on the market, bathmate gives instant and sustainable results and in most cases is pleasurable and confortable to use. The bathmate uses powerful wate...
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Due to the consistent nature of hydraulic pressure created by the Bathmate range of pumps, the users penis will increase in girth a lot quicker than it will in length. This is because the surface area is greater around the girth of the penis than the length. This will result in the penis touching the sides of the pump, meaning the hydraulic pressure will not be able to expand the girth of the p...
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1 set of 3 Bathmate Goliath Comfort Pads produced to benefit the overall experience of using bathmate pumps by providing extra cushion and an exciting, soft feeling that boosts the stimulation process during the actual pumping of the device. The Cushion Rings has three very essential functions, to refrain the testicles from getting drawn into the Bathmate. To help establishing a better seal bet...