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A unique rechargeable double cock ring shaped like the iconic sex toy enjoyed and adored by women around the world. This rabbit cock ring hybrid is a win for both parties. Its flexible ears tingle and buzz all the way to their tips for targeted clitoral massage and its double ring design helps keep everything snug and in place. Included, USB charger, 10 penetrating vibration functions, 60 minut...
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Give the wrist a rest with the PoP Vibe in pink Strawberry. This powerful vibrator is perfectly designed for clitoral stimulation and fits comfortably in the hand. Its sleek curve is just what you need to hit that sweet spot. This unique vibe comes with a silky smooth silicone cap and a powerful motor in the head with four wild speeds and one pulse mode. Easy to use one touch controls so you ca...
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Enjoy pleasure at your fingertips with the Charged FingO. With raised ticklers for added sensation, this powerful mini vibe is an ingenious pleasure giving item. Compact and portable, its the perfect travel companion and discrete enough to enjoy in almost any sex position. Included USB charger, 10 penetrating vibration functions, 60 minutes of pleasure with full charge and 100 percent waterproo...
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The Tri O Pleasure Ring has taken dual motor vibrating rings to the next level by adding a Baller attachment to make sure the boys get some action too. The silicone Tri O is made of the highest quality silicone and powered by two super powered motors. The unique Baller attachment is designed to wrap around the testicles and gently stimulate him for added pleasure. The Tri O is waterproof, wirel...
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Turn the lights down low and boogie on down with the Big O Glow. The Big O Glow is a one act stage show and a revelation in vibrating rings. Place the Big O Glow on the man with the vibrator and light facing out, push once for a steady mode vibrating and a steady red light that literally will light up the room. Push twice into the 9 stage pulsing mode and let the stage show begin as the light f...
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The Two O is just like the award winning, top selling Screaming O vibrating ring, but with an extra enhanced motor designed to double the pleasure for mutual enjoyment. The popular Screaming O ring has one vibrator to be worn on the top for her but the Two O improves mutual pleasure by adding another vibrator for him. What really makes this ring amazing is the Screaming Os trademark pleasure kn...
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The Ring Os are made of a hygienically superior silicone material and are designed to produce fuller, firmer erections and help control premature ejaculations. This is in turn leads to a very intense orgasm for him and a more overall satisfying sexual experience for both. The unique quality of the Ringo Os is that they have just the right amount of stretch to offer a snug yet comfortable fit. O...
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Taking the Screaming O to the next level. The Screaming O Plus is the Screaming Os bigger brother. With a thick strong erection band that comfortably stretches to fit all sizes for a snug fit, erections are thicker, fuller, and long lasting. the Screaming O Plus features soft vibrating pleasure bumps and extended ticklers. Disposable fun.
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The Bucker, part of the Screaming O RodeO collection, lets you steer. Made from soft jelly plastic this Blue flexible cock ring is one size fits most and stretches with you instead of constricting to let you buck and grind. The innovative finger loop gives the cowgirl or boy the power to control the position and pressure of the vibe. The pleasure bead sits on top of the motor and focuses the vi...